Roads Department

Our goal is to provide a safe and convenient roadway network that facilitates the orderly movement of traffic all year round. Roads management encompasses the following general maintenance services, grading, shoulder repair, repair of potholes (patching resurfacing), proper signs, tree trimming and drainage which includes new ditching and ditch maintenance, placement, maintenance of culverts. In addition to the above there are seasonal services such as snow plowing, sanding, maintenance of municipal parking lots at beaches and some road ends that provide water access to various lakes or rivers

The main responsibility is the municipal road system and its supporting infrastructure such as bridges, ditches, culverts, lighting, entrances, signs etc.




Resolution 2010-32


David Creasor, A.Sc.T., CRS

Office Telephone: 705-389-3838

Fax: 705-389-1855


Location: 2125 Balsam Road


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