Wah-Wash-Kesh Conservation Association




Established in 1954, the Lake Wah-Wash-Kesh Conservation Association is a not-for-profit incorporated association of cottagers and residents on Lake Wahwashkesh, Ontario, Canada. Currently we have about 300 members, and we are involved in numerous projects to protect our environment.
Wahwashkesh Lake is the largest lake in the Parry Sound District with 1,721 hectares (4,253 acres) of surface area and over 106 km of shoreline. The lake has a diverse fishery with over 12 species of sport fish, and the lake ranks in the top five of all lakes in Ontario for its Atlantic Coastal Plain Flora.


Board of Directors:

President: Don Comrie  donaldgcomrie@sympatico.ca 

Vice President: Morgan Millward

Past President: John Nelson

Directors: Mike Lewis, Norman Lock, Mike Maceina & Jaqueline Morgan

Treasurer: Barb Cribbet

Secretary: Jeanine Ferris


The Association, the OMNR, and other Stakeholders continue to get valuable information from the permanent water monitoring station installed last year.  This information is available on our Website at http://lakewwk.ca/