Asset Management Planning and Reports

In accordance with section 5(1) of Ontario Regulation 588/17: Asset Management Planning for Municipal Infrastructure under the Infrastructure for Jobs and Prosperity Act, 2015 (O. Reg. 588/17), municipalities are required to prepare an asset management plan for their core infrastructure assets by July 1, 2022. As per section 10 of O. Reg. 588/17, these plans are to be made available on a publicly accessible website.

 Strategic Asset Management Policy

 Strategic Asset Management Policy   

2021 Asset Management Plan for Core Assets including:

Roads, Bridges, Water, Wastewater, Storm Water and Vehicles

Asset Management Plan

Additional Documents:

2020 Road Needs Study - prepared by R. J. Burnside and Associates Limited

2023 Building Assessment Report - prepared by Stenhoff Building Services Group

(information to be incorporated into the 2023 Asset Management Plan Update)