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Purchase A Dog Tag

A photo of a person hugging a golden retriever dog.

Dog tags are available at the Municipal Office. 

The Whitestone Municipal Offices are open Monday to Friday From 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Responsibilities of An Owner

Keep in mind your responsibilities as a dog owner:

  • An owner should not allow their dog leashed or unleashed to trespass on private property
  • No dog is not permitted on a public beach or park at any time in any area
  • Make sure you clean and dispose of any excrements your dog leaves on any property

By-Law 17-2022

Every dog owner in the Municipality must purchase a dog tag on or before the 1st day of January in each year or upon becoming the owner of a dog after the 1st of January. Each owner must register their dog with the Municipal Clerk or Designate and procure a dog tag for each dog owned. The price of a dog tag is in the table below.

 To view the full By-Law for the Regulating of Dogs in the Municipality, please follow this link.

Dog Licencing Fees:

Annual Dog Tag$10.00
Life Time Dog Tax
Replacement Tag$10.00
Animal Control Service Fee (See Note 1)$50.00
Kennels Licensing Fee (annual)$75.00
Note 1:  By-Law Enforcement Officer finds and returns dog to owner.