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Building Services

This picture contains building supplies and tools that could be used on any project.

As a homeowner, if you are planning to construct a new building, construct an addition or renovate an existing building you will need to ensure that you have applied for and obtained the required permits before any construction begins.  

Building Permits are required for all new buildings, renovations, and additions, including, but not limited to, adding a room, finishing the basement, building a garage, remodelling the interior of your home, change of use buildings, or replacing a deck.

Effective February 16, 2021, a Road Damage Deposit for issuing Building Permits are required. The purpose of the deposit is to establish the protocols in respect of the managing road and culvert damage related to works undertaken as part of a Building Permit.

The Municipality of Whitestone is responsible for enforcing the Ontario Building Code and issuing permits for construction, renovations, demolition and certain change of use buildings.


 If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Chief Building Official:

Position NamePhone NumberFaxEmail
 Chief Building Official
Jamie Osborne705-389-2466
Ext. 126

Seek advice from a qualified environmental professional if you are unsure about whether your project requires a review by DFO.

Contact a Fisheries Protection Office near you if you have reviewed the information, sought professional advice and still have questions.

In all cases, it is your responsibility to ensure you follow any additional requirements from other federal, provincial and municipal jurisdictions and ensure compliance with the Species at Risk Act and the pollution prevention provisions of the Fisheries Act.

This information was last updated on November 18, 2014. It is strongly recommended that you visit this website often to receive the most recent DFO advice. You can also view a detailed log of recent changes to the guidance.

Types of Waterbodies Where DFO Review Is Not Required

If your project is taking place in one of the following existing waterbody types, you do not need to submit your project for review to DFO.  You are still required to avoid causing serious harm to fish by following best practices such as those described in the measures to avoid harm.

  • Approved marine disposal or dumping sites that have been used in the past 10 years
  • Tailings Impoundment Areas (as listed in Schedule 2 of the Metal Mining Effluent Regulations)
  • Artificial waterbodies that are not connected to a waterbody that contains fish at any time during any given year, such as:
    • Private ponds
    • Commercial ponds (e.g., golf course ponds, stocked fishing ponds)
    • Stormwater management ponds
    • Irrigation ponds or channels
    • Agricultural drains and drainage ditches
    • Roadside drainage ditches
    • Quarries and aggregate pits
  • Any other waterbody that does not contain fish at any time during any given year, and is not connected to a waterbody that contains fish at any time during any given year

Project Activities and Criteria Where DFO Review Is Not Required

If your project meets the criteria listed below, your project does not require DFO review. You are still required to avoid causing serious harm to fish by following best practices such as those described in the measures to avoid harm.

Application Forms

  1. Download:
  2. Download Whitestone's Checklist for Building Permit Applications.
  3. Download Whitestone's Required Drawings & Plans.
  4. View interpretations of the Ontario Building Code or ask a building code question.
  5. Download the Application For Approval Of An Alternative Solution.
  6. Download the Road Damage Deposit Policy

Items Required for a Complete Application

You must submit all of the following items in order for your application to be complete. If you do not provide all of the information, then the application will be returned as incomplete.

  1. Completed Ontario Common Building Permit Application Form and all applicable schedules.
  2. Two sets of all submitted drawings and plans; all drawings must be legible and to scale
  3. Sewage system approvals for construction of new dwelling units or a review of the existing sewage system if the floor area of any addition exceeds 15% of the dwelling, additional bedroom(s) or plumbing fixtures are added. 
  4. A site plan that shows setbacks of existing and proposed structures to property lines, septic systems (tank and bed)  and to Hydro lines (overhead and buried). Sample Site Plan
  5. Permit fees paid in full.  Fee Schedule. Your payment options are:
    • cash
    • cheque or
    • debit


Approval is required from the North Bay Mattawa Conservation Authority for a waste disposal system for a new house, cottage, sleep cabin, addition, or change of use, prior to the issuance of a building permit. For more information, call the North Bay Mattawa Conservation Authority at (705) 746-7566 or visit online.

Request For Inspection

Please give at least 48 hours notice to the CBO prior to the actual date the inspection is needed. Inspections of an incomplete phase of the overall project will require a subsequent inspection when that particular phase of the project is complete.

Accessibility To Inspect

At every Phase of construction, all areas of that Phase shall be exposed and accessible for inspection. If an area can not be viewed properly or has been covered up it may be necessary to uncover it in order to do the inspection. Final inspections are required when all of the building or the structure is completed.

Are you ready for an Inspection?


Footing Inspection

Foundation Inspection

Underground Plumbing Inspection

Above ground Plumbing Inspection

Pre Backfill Inspection

Framing Inspection

Insulation / Vapour Barrier Inspection

HVAC In-Floor Heating Inspection

Final - Occupancy Checklist

Conditions For Residential Occupancy

A person may occupy or permit to be occupied a building intended for residential occupancy that has not been fully completed at the date of occupation provided that:

1. The building:

  1. Is not more than 3 storys in building height and 600 m2 in building area;
  2. Has no more than 1 dwelling unit above another dwelling unit;
  3. Has no more than 2 dwelling units sharing a common means of egress;
  4. Has no accommodation for tourists.

2. The following building components and systems are complete, operational and   inspected:

  1. Required exits, handrails and guards, fire alarm and detection systems, and fire separations;
  2. Required exhaust fume barriers and self-closing devices are on doors between an attached or built-in garage and a dwelling unit;
  3. Water supply, sewage disposal, lighting, and heating systems.

3. The following building components and systems are complete, operational, inspected, and tested:

  1. Water systems;
  2. Building drains and building sewers;
  3. Drainage systems and venting systems.

4. Where applicable, the building conforms to Article


See Zoning By-Law 07-2018  for details. 

For general information on Dock Permits follow this Link

(The Link includes Zoning By-law information and Illustrated Dock Regulations)


If you would like to place a dock on an un-owned Shore Road Allowance (SRA) please contact the Municipal Office (705-389-2466) for further information.


  • You will be required to enter into a Lease with the Municipality (Ten (10)  year lease in consideration of  $1.00 per year).
  • The lease requires you to carry insurance and name the Municipality of Whitestone as also insured.
  • An administration fee of $150.00 will apply.
  • A building permit will be required.


Fisheries And Oceans Canada - Projects Near Water

Ministry Of Natural Resources And Forestry