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Boards and Committees

Please see below for more information on our boards and committees:

Cemetery Board Chair

Ron Whitmell

Cemetery Board Members

Terry Brear

Randy Johnson

Michael Musgrave

Muriel Stiles

Sheila Wesley

Cemetery Board Council Representative

Brian Woods, Councillor

Cemetery Board Secretary

Paula Macri

Cemetery Board Treasurer

Municipal Treasurer

Committee Members

  • Gregory Kowal
  • Tom Sutcliffe
  • Keven Krusell (Alternate)


Jamie Osborne - CBO:  705-389-2466 ext. 126

Council Representative

Brian Woods, Councillor

Application For A Committee Of Adjustment Minor Variance

A Minor Variance is an allowance Council may award to Building and set back requirements (i.e., you want to build closer to the Lot Line than required).

A Minor Variance is a procedure under the Planning Act that requires notification to surrounding Property owners and a Public Meeting. The process takes from 30 to 45 days.  Any Property owner can apply, and the Municipal Staff will help you complete the document or advise you about the need for a Variance.

The application fee is $1500.00. You can download the Application for Minor Variance PDF format or pick-up a form at the Municipal Office.

There is no legal registration needed for this transaction.  A copy of the decision is filed in the Property file and Building file and becomes a permanent change to the requirements for the Property.

Telephone / Fax: 705-389-3311

Mission Statement:

The Whitestone-Hagerman Memorial Public Library is dedicated to offering a full range of materials, programs and services that advance the personal growth, life-long learning, and recreational interests of its community.  For more information including hours of operation and contact information, please visit the library website.

Council Representative

Joe Lamb, Councillor

Board Members

    • Peggi Woehl (Chair)
    • Adam Anklewicz
    • Barry Bell
    • Josh Davis
    • Carol Gorrie
    • Merry Johnson
    • Cathy Lamb
    • Sheila Wesley


    • Alaina Cawston 
    • Eva Fincham (CEO)
    • Cormac O'Neill

Committee Members

  • Tanya Fraser, Chairperson
  • Deborah Comrie-Taylor, Secretary
  • Alaina Barry
  • Jessica Ann Dryer
  • Jan Hill
  • Andrew Lackram
  • Carol McClelland
  • Melanie Sanford
  • Patricia Xerri

Council Representative

Mayor George Comrie

A photo of the Maple Island Community Centre from the front of the building.

The Maple Island Thrift Shop is open:

April to June -  Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

July to August - Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10: am to 2:00 pm

September to October -  Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Support the Maple Island Thrift Shop by: Donating Items, Visiting and Browsing, Spreading the Word, and Being a Volunteer.

Maple Thrift Shop Brochure

Committee Members

Joanne Avery

Ingrid Brooks

Deanna Campbell

Fay Clelland

Colleen Clelland

Charmaine Craig

Josh Davis 

Pam Galloway

Sue Hicks-Green

Marla Green

Elizabeth Hamilton

Julie Hozian

Carol Jackson

Sue Kime

Jane Lockwood

Andrea Pearcey

Julie Porchak

Sheila Wesley

Peggi Woehl, Chair


Council Representatives

Joe Lamb, Councillor

Maple Island Thrift Shop Committee - Volunteer Application

Terms Of Reference

Whitestone Environmental Stewardship Committee

The Whitestone Environmental Stewardship Committee was created spring of 2021. 

The intent of the Committee meets the Municipality's objectives as outlined in our Strategic Plan:

4.    Environmental Stewardship

4.1    Outreach to the community 

The Municipality will continue to communicate and collaborate with community groups and associations that exist within the bounds of the Municipality as well as members of the public, as a means of focusing our collective efforts on environmental stewardship.  

The Committee will address environmental concerns within the Municipality of Whitestone as brought forward by Council and ratepayers.  It will coordinate and bring together our various Lake Associations, Conservation Associations and public members to utilize information and resources in a complimentary manner. 

When like-minded individuals work with common goals and priorities, a greater number of environmental issues will be at the forefront of Council's work.  Some of the key duties and responsibilities of the committee include advocating and communicating to the community on environmental issues, making recommendations to Council on conservation initiatives, developing environmental stewardship plans, and creating a common list of issues, objectives and priorities among our entire community. 

Whitestone Environmental Stewardship Committee Terms of Reference  (Updated April 2023)

Committee Members: 

  • Ed Bennett
  • Jo-Anne Boyle
  • Andrew Bryne
  • Kathy y Deuchars 
  • Dennis Morrison (Vice Chairperson)
  • Brad Parks
  • Will Roberts

Council Representatives:

  • Councillor Janice Bray
  • Councillor Scott Nash (Chairperson)