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It has become the practice of Whitestone Council to begin each new term by updating our Strategic Plan, which provides a framework for municipal plans, decisions, and priorities.  This spring, we set aside three special public meetings to review the plan’s guiding principles, objectives, and key action items, as well as progress to date on achieving the elements in the previous version of the plan.   We are now ready to circulate a revised draft to the community for your review and comment.  So please take a moment to read it and provide your feedback.


This document is the product of our collective efforts.   The vision, mission, and core values for our Municipality remain essentially the same, but some of the high-level objectives have been updated to reflect work completed during the last term of Council, as well as new priorities.  More changes have taken place in the detailed action items at the lower levels of the plan, which are not included here, but are being tracked and monitored by Council and staff.


Watch for progress reports on implementation of the plan in our Newsletters and on the Municipality’s website and social media.   The Strategic Plan is intended to be a living document, and as such will continue to be updated as changing circumstances and priorities dictate.  Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.  Please direct them to our CAO / Clerk Michelle Hendry or to any member of Council.   


Thank you for your important contributions to the Municipality of Whitestone’s strategic planning process.  Council appreciates the efforts of the many groups and individuals who work to make Whitestone a better place for all of us to live, work, and play. 



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Mayor George Comrie

June 2023

Municipality of Whitestone Strategic Plan


The Council of the Municipality of Whitestone has recently spent time updating the WHITESTONE STRATEGIC PLAN.


The Strategic Plan is an important guidance document and roadmap that assists in determining the strategic direction of the municipality. The Plan identifies what our community will be like, what services and programs will be provided, and what values the organization will embrace in an effort to meet our ultimate vision. This document guides municipal initiatives to ensure the municipality is mission successful.


Your input is important and we welcome your comments. 


The comment period will be open until August 31, 2023.  


Please send comments to and put STRATEGIC PLAN in the subject line.


Thank you for your interest in this important initiative.



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