Mayors Monarch Pledge

The monarch butterfly is an iconic North American species whose multigenerational migration and metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly has captured the imagination of millions of people. Cities, towns, counties, and communities have a critical role to play to help save the monarch butterfly. Municipalities can provide habitat at public parks, median strips, community gardens, schools, and municipal buildings like recreation centers and libraries. Events such as community workshops, native plant giveaways, and monarch festivals, can educate residents about the cultural significance of monarchs and how to create habitat. Simple changes in landscaping or other initiatives can make a big difference for the monarch.

We recognize the importance of creating monarch and pollinator habitat at parks, gardens, and other green spaces, that every member of our community can equally enjoy.

The newly formed Whitestone Environmental Stewardship Committee will be considering Action Plans for the Mayors Monarch Pledge in the near future


Resources - the National Wildlife Federation

Council Resolution for the Mayors Monarch Pledge dated May 3, 2021

Proclamation dated May 21, 2023.

Pledge Summary

Information on the Mayors Monarch Pledge and Action Plans

The Dunchurch Agricultural Society introducing our Milkweed Project


Mayors Monarch Pledge, January 2023 Newsletter