The By-Law Enforcement Officer, the CBO as well as other staff, are responsible for the enforcement of By-laws passed by the Council of the Municipality of Whitestone.  The most common regulating By-laws are for parking, noise, dogs and property standards.  Complaints are kept confidential. Copies of all our By-laws are available at the Municipal Office or online.

For more information or to report the contravention of any By-law, please leave a detailed message including name & phone number for:

PositionNamePhone Number Fax Number Email
By-Law Enforcement OfficerPaul Rossiter
Ext. 145

Index of By-Laws 

A By-Law to Establish Fees and Charges for services provided by the Municipality of Whitestone. 

09-2022 Fees and Charges By-law

A By-Law to permit the operation of “All-Terrain Vehicles” (ATV’s) on highways or road allowances under the control of the Municipality of Whitestone.

BY-LAW NO. 39-2015

A By-Law to Control the Erection of Signs in the Municipality of Whitestone.

BY-LAW NO. 22-2007

A By-Law for the licensing , regulating and governing of rental units in the Municipality of Whitestone.

BY-LAW NO. 20-2014

A Bylaw to Regulate Light Pollution.

BY-LAW NO. 16-2006

A By-Law to Control Noise. 

BY-LAW NO. 21-2017

A By-Law to Regulate Open Air Burning. 

BY-LAW NO. 37-2020

A By-Law to amend By-Law 40-2012, to extend electronic participation in council, committee and board meetings and to repeal By-Law No. 16-2020

BY-LAW NO. 44-2020

a By-law to designate Reduced Load Periods on Municipal Highways within the Municipality of Whitestone.

BY-LAW NO. 04-2020

A By-law for the regulating of dogs within the Municipality of Whitestone

A By-Law to establish Roadway Service Standards for the Municipal Road System within the jurisdiction of the Corporation of the Municipality of Whitestone.

BY-LAW NO. 62-2013

Being a By-law for managing the Disposal of Solid Wastes and Recyclable Materials within the Municipality of Whitestone. 

BY-LAW NO. 47-2021