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Recreational Trails

The Municipality of Whitestone is characterized by large tracts of undeveloped land, interspersed with freshwater lakes, rivers and wetlands. 80% of the land area in Whitestone is Crown land. Under Ontario’s Public Lands Act, these lands are accessible to all residents of Ontario, however, any trails that exist on these lands cannot be managed, maintained or promoted by the Municipality without the authorization of the Ministry of Natural Resources.

An organized recreational trail system is a desirable amenity that contributes to the economic and social vitality of the community.

The trails noted below are SHARED USE TRAILS.  Watch for snowmobile traffic in the winter and ATV traffic in the summer.

Remember – during prime HUNTING ACTIVITY (September to December), be visible and aware of your surroundings while using the trail.

Whitestone Lake Recreational Trail

This photo is of the map at the start of the Whitestone Lake Recreational Trail.The Whitestone Lake Recreational Trail is located at the northwest end of Whitestone Lake and can be accessed from a parking area at the entrance to North Meadowcove Road a few kilometres outside of Dunchurch. Please do not park on North Meadowcove Road as it blocks the residents that use the road and makes it difficult for road maintenance and winter plowing operations.

The 3.5 km looped trail is rugged in sections and requires sturdy footwear. Flip flops are not recommended. A steep climb takes hikers to the top of a ridge that overlooks Whitestone Lake. The view isn’t great as it is filtered by the tall trees that line the ridge, but the open granite at the top makes a nice spot to stop for a snack. That is, unless you are visiting the trail in blackfly season: ; if that is the case, the advice is to KEEP MOVING! Hikers are reminded to stay on the marked trail and be mindful of private property that lies adjacent to some parts of the trail. For more information please checkout this helpful link.

Nesbitt Trail

This photo is of the map at the start of the Nesbitt Trail.The Nesbitt Trail is located just west of the town of Ardbeg off Clear Lake Road. Although geographically close to the Whitestone Lake Trail, the ecology is markedly different. This linear trail is 2.5 km one-way and traverses a much rockier terrain. Recent forestry operations have altered the landscape to the north of the trail and are a good reminder that the forest is a shared resource that benefits the region in many ways. The trail is named in memory of Ricky Nesbitt who was a life-long resident of Ardbeg.For more information please checkout this helpful link.

Whitestone Water Front Trail (Accessible)

The Whitestone Waterfront trail is located in Dunchurch along the waterfront of Whitestone Lake.  The trial is accessible and has access to docks, washrooms, accessible picnic tables and a play are for children.

Trail Width:  minimum 1000 mm Maximum 1200 mm

Running Slope: Maximum 9%, Average 3%

Cross Slope: Maximum 4%, Average 2%

Surface Type:  Asphalt

Picnic Tables, Park Benches, Shade Structure, Playground Equipment, Washrooms and Public Dock