Broadband and Internet Service

Broadband and Internet Service

Many Whitestone ratepayers have expressed concern about the unavailability of affordable internet service with adequate performance in our area.  

To assist our efforts to advocate on your behalf for improvements to broadband internet service, we are asking you to complete an internet performance test on your local internet service using the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) speed test.  This test will provide useful data on the typical upload and download speeds and latency you are experiencing, that will be compiled (anonymously) by CIRA and used by our provincial and federal governments to determine which areas are most underserviced and deserving of support. 

It is important that you use the CIRA speed test at and not some other (vendor-supplied) speed test.  The results of other speed tests will not be made available for planning purposes.

Please be sure to do the test at your residence in Whitestone.  

Thank you in advance for helping us to address this critical infrastructure deficiency.